About Connections

Clinical Director of Connections Psychotherapy and Principal Psychotherapist, Sharon Oughton (BSc, MSc, MICP), is a fully accredited ICP registered Psychotherapist who has over twenty years experience working as a senior team member in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and subsequently as Principal Psychotherapist/therapy lead in a specialist team at Crumlin Children’s Hospital.


With over twenty years of clinical experience, Sharon is a fully accredited psychotherapist and provides clinical supervision and consultation.

Sharon offers a full range of therapeutic supports including individual counselling and psychotherapy for adolescents and adults as well as therapeutic parent/carer consultation and therapy with parent baby dyads. Therapeutic parent child relationship support.

Sharon’s work within the health sector has included many years offering therapeutic support to care systems (parents, foster parents, and teams), individual children, adolescents, adults and families as well as reflective supervision and consultation to teams and individuals.   

Sharon has a special interest in infant mental health and trauma aware practice with an understanding that early relationships can have an impact across the lifespan. Sharon also works therapeutically with parents and babies together helping with bonding and early relationships.

Using a sensitive and relationship based psychotherapeutic approach, Sharon meets people where they are at on their life’s journey using a compassionate approach to understanding by adopting a collaboration of mutual curiosity. The overall aim might be to understand together so that a place of healing or inner peace can be arrived at.