Parents and Babies (Perinatal psychotherapy)

Sharon offers specialised therapeutic support for parent(s) and their baby together and for parents during pregnancy. This approach is very helpful for any parent who wishes to further develop a positive relationship and bond with their baby from the earliest stage. This approach is helpful for all parents, but especially useful for people concerned about post natal depression or where they are worried about any aspect of their relationship with baby. This therapy work can start anytime from pregnancy onward and is particularly helpful in the third trimester and initial period after baby’s birth up to two years.

Sharon usually meets with you and your baby together (or alone if you prefer) for a 50 minute session where you will have an opportunity to think with Sharon about yourself, your own experiences and to think about what your baby might be communicating, how you feel and how to respond to this.

Parents often find this type of space reassuring and safe and it is a space where baby and parent can be thought of together.

This space is also suitable for parents whose baby may have passed away, as the space can be useful to process what has happened, grieve the loss and perhaps in time, work towards healing. Appointments are always spaced out because part of the work of therapy is for Sharon to spend time thinking about you and each session after you have left, so there will not be another therapy client waiting with you in the waiting room or there when you leave.

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